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Laws & Regulations

 Here's a few of the species that are illegal to possess and sell in the State of California. 

Axolotls  Ambystoma mexicanum
Tiger Salamanders   Ambystoma tigrinum
Spotted Salamanders Ambystoma maculatum
Mole Salamanders Ambystoma opacum
Water Snakes  Nerodia sp.
Common Snapping Turtles Chelydra serpentina 
Alligator Snapping Turtles  Macrochelys temminckii
All Crocodilians
Exotic venomous snakes (i.e. Pit Vipers, Cobras etc)
For a Detailed overview of California Restricted Species please visit this LINK
For a Detailed overview of California State Laws regarding Native reptiles and amphibians please visit this LINK

Any questions regarding the legalities of any animals should be taken directly to:

 California Fish & Game 

*Please note that individual cities and counties may have their own regulations as well.