Updated 1/15/23 All Shipments are sent via FedEX to your nearest FedEx Ship Center

Animal Boarding


   We love to take care of your pets! We are happy to board your animals over the Holidays and every animal we hold for you will be taken care of with our absolute best care that we can provide, the same as we take care of any of our own. 



 No Reservation Required

* except Aquatic Turtles & Large Snakes/Lizards/Tortoises

which require advance notice. 


Boarding Rates

    Enclosure Size

Daily Rates

Shoe Box

$9 /Day

 10 Gallon


40-60 Gallon


Large Cage $20/day

Aquatic Turtles 


Chameleons & XL Cages


Pet Rats/ Guinea Pigs



All Other Pets Please Inquire
(510) 841-1400

*We are not currently boarding animals to medicate
**we do offer Board to Ship service - standard boarding rates, + actual Shipping cost + $75
**    ½ Charge for additional  Animals in Shared Enclosures