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All tortoises are turtles but not all turtles and tortoises. Tortoises specifically refer to a type chelonian which live on land and are primarily herbivores.

Tortoises are often a great choice for those who are new to turtles since their care requirements are a little bit easier than, for example, one of the more complicated aquatic turtles.

Tortoises available as pets can get as large as 3' in length in the case of the African Spurred tortoise, or stick to a much smaller size of 10" in length in the case of the Russian tortoise.

They are a long-lived, slow paced and gentle reptile. Tortoises can often exceed a 50 year lifespan with proper care. Many tortoise owners enjoy setting up an outdoor habitat in their yard for their tortoises to use in ideal weather.

All our tortoises are captive bred.

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