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Traveling Reptile Show




 Traveling Reptile Booking:

Looking to spice up your next birthday party or social event? Let the East Bay Vivarium bring our traveling menagerie to surprise, delight and amaze everyone of every age. We have more than 35 years of experience presenting the wild and wonderful world of CREEPIES, CRAWLIES, and CRITTERS!


The East Bay Vivarium's Travelling Reptile Program presents fun and educational programs to classrooms, preschools, high schools, colleges, television shows, scouting programs, fraternal organizations, and community groups. Our one-hour program features between 15 and 20 amazing creatures. We teach natural history, animal husbandry and safety. We can vary our program to emphasize specific topics such as rainforest and desert ecology, evolution and adaptation, animals in the classroom and even dinosaurs (the big scaley examples are not available - sorry! Look out your window for the feathery dinosaurs, though!).

Among our many animal stars you might encounter:

  • The frog that can kill a horse!

  • The tortoise that can outlive your grandchildren!

  • The bug that makes its own salad dressing!

  • The snake that makes friends with gophers!


We also typically bring along a tarantula, scorpion, frogs, lizards, turtles, snakes, and a giant tortoise, giant monitor and giant boa! The program is very exciting and perfectly safe. We can do a one hour focused program or simply walk our charges through the crowd during larger gatherings. Our program can be adjusted for any age group. Call us today for the coolest and creepiest party you'll ever throw!

Booking and Rates

Arrangements can be made by emailing OWEN:

Rates for our traveling Reptile Program are as follows:

Weekdays: $350 plus $1 per mile traveling fee (round trip from Berkeley) plus reimbursement for any tolls or parking expenses.

Evenings and Weekends: $400 plus $1 a mile plus reimbursement for any tolls or parking expenses.

Payment is due upon arrival.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about the East Bay Vivarium's Reptile Program or visit our FAQ's Page.

Should you prefer to book this online, please submit the following information:

  1. Name, address, and phone number

  2. Preferred date with alternate dates and times

  3. Nature of event (eg, birthday party, school show, etc.)

  4. Special requests for topics or specific animals

We will contact you, usually within 48 hours, to confirm.