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Collection: Misc. Lizards

Our miscellaneous lizards are all right here! They are the species who don't fall into the categories of monitor lizards, bearded dragons, Iguanids, agamids, geckos, tegus or skinks but they're no less awesome or charismatic.

There are over 6,000 species of lizards in the world and they can be found anywhere there's warmth and sun. Most lizards are diurnal, meaning active during the day.

Many lizard species have evolved the ability to sacrifice a part of their tail to distract a predator, later regrowing that tail segment they lost. Male lizards also tend to be very territorial and will fight to keep other males off their turf!

If in stock, the likes of unique species like girdled lizards, legless lizards and lacertas can be found on this page.


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