Last Updated: 02/29/24 -- We are currently only shipping Tuesday for Wednesday arrival each week to your nearest FedEx Ship Center



Live arrival is guaranteed on all shipments received on first delivery attempt or picked up within 4 hours of arrival to a Fed Ex Hub

If an animal is DOA outside of these parameters - East Bay Vivarium will not be liable to refund or replace. Replacements or refunds are at the sole discretion of East Bay Vivarium.

All animals sold are fully guaranteed to be outwardly healthy and sexed correctly.
If there's any issue you must contact East Bay Vivarium within 72 hours of shipment delivery or arrival to Fed Ex hub.

After 72 hours all guarantees are null and void.


No animals are considered sold until FULL payment, including USA shipping charge is received or a deposit payment has been received by East Bay Vivarium.

Upon receiving payment East Bay Vivarium will hold your animal for a maximum of 2 weeks before shipping.

Shipping is only done on MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY each week for the next respective days delivery.

East Bay Vivarium is not responsible for carrier delays (fed ex, airline etc) due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

No animals are subject to replacement due to dispositions.

If an animals appears ill - DO NOT take it to a veterinarian before contacting us about the situation.

We will not be held liable for your incurring of veterinary costs.


We do not accept Payment Plans under any circumstances.

Deposits & Hold For Payment

Animals can be held with a 50% Non Refundable deposit of the cost of the animal & shipping.

 Once deposit is received the buyer (you) will have 14 days to pay off the balance. If the balance is not paid off  IN FULL within 14 days, the buyer (you) forfeits 100% of the deposit to the East Bay Vivarium.


Under no circumstance (outside of shipments received DOA with photographic evidence ) will cash refunds be given.
All refunds will be in the form of store credit.

Shipping charges are only refunded on DOA's. No exceptions.


It is the customer's responsibility to know the laws on the species they plan to purchase in their county/city/state.

East Bay Vivarium will NOT knowingly ship any animals to any location where the species is restricted,banned or illegal.

By making a purchase from East Bay Vivarium you agree to our terms and conditions.

Failure on customers part to fully read all terms and conditions before making a purchase does not make them exempt from these terms and conditions.