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Traveling Reptile Show FAQ's

   Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available on a Sunday?
Sunday is typically our (and the animals') day off. We will sometimes make exceptions. Our preferred booking days are Wednesday through Saturday.
Can we have the show outdoors?
We prefer to do our programs indoors, as weather can be unpredictable, and, even on a cool day, children tend to melt when asked to sit in the sun for an hour.We rarely make any sort of mess in a home beyond a bit of pine shavings on the floor. We will, however, perform outdoors, weather permitting and if shade is available.
Can we book the show in a public park?
We are happy to perform in a park as long as you have secured the park's permission and we have access to a shady area for the animals and audience. We are happy to provide insurance documentation should the facility require it.
Should the kids eat before or after the show?
We are happy either way. We would discourage feeding the kids during the show, though!
Should I book the show at the start of the party?
We prefer to perform at least an hour into the party's schedule. This allows stragglers to show up without missing anything and the kids in general to burn off a little energy before being asked to sit for an hour.
Won't the kids be afraid?
We have found in overwhelming percentages that young people are not afraid of these animals and have a great time at our shows. We aim to excite, surprise, and inspire, but never to frighten. Adults, on the other hand, often carry a lot of personal emotional baggage. We have a good sense of this and never try to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
Our child is very young and may not have the attention span to stick with this for an hour. Do you do a shorter show?
You might be surprised at how much even 3 and 4 year olds will hang in when animals are involved. However, if we do feel we are losing an audience, we will wrap the show up a little early, as our main goal is for everyone to have a great time. Conversely, we have been known to occasionally go a little long if we have the time and if the kids are into it. We do love this job!
Do you have a reduced rate for non-profits?
Our rates are based on the current market. Most professional animal shows are around this price. You might find a slightly less expensive animal show elsewhere, but we believe that we deliver the best program for the money in the industry. Non-animal party performers often charge similar rates. We frequently get requests for discounts from non-profit groups, and while would like to honor them, if we did so fairly and across-the-board, we would soon be out of business.