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Featured Species: The Golden Coin Turtle

Critically endangered in the wild and rare to see in person, meet the Golden Coin Turtle also known as the Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle. (Cuora trifasciata)

This beautiful species of box turtle is unfortunately under heavy threat of extinction because of the unsustainable hunting of them for use in folk medicine.

Farming of these turtles in China is helping to meet the demands of the folk medicine industry but the value of a wild-caught turtle is still perceived as much higher for such uses. Though they've been given the strictest protections throughout their range (Southern China and Northern Vietnam), illegal poaching is still harming what small wild populations still exist.

Luckily, the captive breeding of these turtles among reptile hobbyists exists and the individual we have came from such a breeding project.

The male we have is $1000, 3 years old and has an inquisitive personality. He is currently about 3.5 " in length and the species typically grows up to 10" in length.

Golden Coin Turtles are mostly carnivorous and enjoy a broad range of feeder insects, turtle pellets as well as fish and fresh meat.

They are semi aquatic and should be provided with a large clean water source in their habitat at all times.

We are hoping to sell him to a turtle enthusiast who plans on finding him a female and breeding him one day, continuing the propagation of this special species.