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May 25, 2015

Remember, we close promptly at 3pm on Memorial day (today). Please plan on being finished with your purchases by then so we can get home to our families!

May 10, 2015

Do you love Ball Pythons? We've put up a page with all of our morphs in stock as of this month with sample pictures (not all animals/ages are represented). Check it out here!

March 3, 2015

We're upgrading our site to be mobile-friendly. If you notice anything broken, please contact us and let us know!

December 9, 2014

Holiday season is among us! Until this Friday (at 11:59 PM PST), we have a gift certificate sale, in store and online, with $100 gift certficates for $90, and $200 gift certificates for $175. Check it out!

Gift Certificate from the East Bay Vivarium on Square Market

Our gift certificates are just like cash — no strings attached, valid for everything, and never expires.

August 18, 2014

For the next several weeks, please bear with slightly outdated price lists. We're working on changing the way we handle the price lists on the back end, and hopefully it'll be up before the end of September! Keep a ready eye on our social networks during this transition, where we'll continue to have new stuff posted most days.

January 09, 2014

Happy 2014! The EBV is starting to expand it's available merchandise over at CafePress, so we have shirts, mugs, hats, and more swag available at http://www.cafepress.com/ebv. Check it out!

December 9, 2013

Holiday season is here! If you're thinking about what to get a friend or family member, how about looking into a gift certificate?

We're also trying to post more on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us there for pictures and updates!

August 27, 2013

We're experimenting with selling dry, nonperishable goods in the Square Marketplace. Give it a whirl!

August 23, 2013

Show seasons is in full swing! Be sure to visit us at the Petaluma Reptile Expo at the Petaluma Community Center.

In other news, we now take Square in-store and at shows, and have been taking PayPal for a few months for phone/internet orders. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to pay by PayPal. You can visit our Square storefront here.

June 11, 2013

Be sure you're following our Twitter account — we're going to try posting photos more frequently there, so you'll be right on the bleeding edge of our updates!

Remember our Virtual Store is down until further notice while we redo our entire back-end infrastructure, but be sure to check our price list for inventory lists, and some pictures!

March 25,2013

We're introducing a few web sales here at the EBV!

New Owner Special Is this your first foray into reptile husbandry? Animal purchases over $100 get a free care DVD appropriate to their new animal!

Colombian Boa Special Want a Colombian boa? You pay shipping, and we'll send you a pair of (normal) Colombian boas for $100!

Be sure to mention this post for the discount

September 11, 2012

Tonnes of ball pythons are in stock! We have a bunch of fancy morphs in right now, including Ivory and Pastel Orange Ghost (three codominant genes!). We also have several other fresh-out-of-the-egg morphs that should be ready in 2-5 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! We'll update the pricelist as we get them.

August 28, 2012

Check out CBS's coverage of the EBV on their "Eye on the Bay" program! You can view the video here, about 6:30 in.

August 23, 2012

Three new orders in this week, and lots of new stuff! Be sure to check everything out, including several types of baby bearded dragons (P. vitticeps) and some ball python morphs (P. regius)

May 23, 2012

We got a large order in this week, and we're restocked on a bunch of things! Also keep an eye out for some snakes that will be available for sale as we confirm they're eating, including: (please note: these are not for sale yet, but should be ready in 2-4 weeks)

March 30, 2012

This is a reminder that we will be closed on Sunday, April 8th. Please plan accordingly! We will be open normal business hours on April 9th.

March 29, 2012

We have some juvenile and baby dragons back in stock! Be sure to come by the store to check them out. Also, please not that there will be no pricelist update next week (4/5/12). Pricelist updates will resume as normal (Thursday evenings) on 4/12/12.

Feburary 9, 2012

We got a big shipment in this week! We have Emerald Tree Boas, two types of uromastyx, several frogs, baby chameleons, and more! Check our price list for our stock, or come on by and check out the new critters!

January 26, 2012

We have a couple of nice rarities at the EBV right now worth checking out, including a "woma" ball python, a few tame(!) green tree pythons, and a very large albino Colombian boa. We also have a gorgeous baby piebald ball python! Note: He sold the same day he came in! He is *not* available anymore.

Pied Pied

Picture credit: EBV employee Marisa Ishimatsu

Check back later today for our weekly price list update.

December 15, 2011

It's the holiday season, so come on down! For the holidays, we have semi-elite Critter Condo wood cages for only $150. Remember, we offer gift certificates and two weeks free boarding with purchase, so you can buy the animals now and pick them up Christmas eve.
Also in the spirit of the season, we have pewter ball pythons on sale for only $375. Be sure to check them out!

November 8, 2011

Do you use social networking? Be sure to check out the EBV on your favorite social network!

November 3, 2011

With the last show of the season done, we have a couple of new animals in. Be sure to drop by to see some of the highlights, like baby Moroccan Uromastyx and baby tiger Reticulated Pythons!

October 27, 2011

As we swing into the fall, the East Bay Vivarium wishes you spooky holidays!


Our price list is being kept regularly up-to-date. Our goal is to have it updated every Thursday. Check it out for an up-to-date look at our stocks!

EBV is now on Twitter. East_Bay_Viv. We will be twittering our newest arrivals, from shows this summer and other EBV activities so come follow us. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you can do so by clicking the little link at the bottom of the news feed. We also have a fan page on Facebook.

For our birthday party and educational reptile shows please visit our Reptile Program page. See our Newsletter for a Reptile show special.

If you have any questions about our current stock please call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You will find our contact information below. As always phone calls can be answered much quicker than e-mails.

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