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Pallidus Desert Hairy Scorpion

Pallidus Desert Hairy Scorpion

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Latin name: Hadrurus pallidus

Unsexed young adult, about 4" in length including tail.

Eating live medium crickets.

*A very cool species to keep but we do not recommended them for handling: their toxicity is about as potent as a bee sting but the risk of allergic reaction can be serious.*

These scorpions are native to the southwest deserts of the United States and northern Mexico. They are the largest scorpion in North America. Adults can grow up to 5.5" including tail. Their lifespan in human care is 15-20 years.

Quick care stats:

Temperatures: 90 degrees Fahrenheit on the warm end, 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit on the cool end.

Humidity: 20%-30% Only mist lightly in the AM and PM.

Tank size: 1-5 gallons or smaller for babies, 10+ gallons for adults.

Tank type: low rectangle-allow for ample floor space.

Lighting: Both a heat pad and a dimmable heat lamp are recommended, especially in winter. Thermostats are also helpful. Full spectrum UVB lighting is not required for this species but is recommended to simulate a natural day/night cycle. A black light can be a cool addition for night time viewing. This species in nocturnal and, like all scorpions, glows green under black light.

Substrate and furniture: Soil or sand substrate 3"deep or deeper as these guys like to dig. Provide lots of hiding places. Provide a small water dish that is not so deep that the scorpion cannot climb back out on its own.

Feeding frequency: 1 insect prey item no more than 1x per week. Prey item should be about the size of the scorpion's claw.

Always remove uneaten food items if they have not been consumed after 8 hours.